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Technical informations

Sodium silicate is an exclusively inorganic product, non-flammable, non-explosive, insoluble in the main organic solvents and easily dispersible in any proportion with water.

It presents a low toxicity for ingestion, as evidenced by the high value of LD50 (dose per kg of body weight that causes 50% of deaths in test animal); the toxicity for ingestion decreases with increasing of the molar ratio (MR, as written below, calculated as the ratio between the mole of SiO2 and Na2O) of sodium silicate, while it is directly proportional to its concentration.

Regarding the inhalation of sodium silicate dusts or aerosols, it has been widely demonstrated that sodium silicate, being amorphous, does not give silicosis, but only temporary irritations of the respiratory tract.
Given the multiplicity of applications and formulations of INGESSIL S.r.l. production, it is advisable to contact directly our technical staff to send each specific safety data sheet.

Keeping in mind the different chemical-physical characteristics of the various types of soluble sodium silicates, they can be generically grouped in three macro-categories as far as safety specifications are concerned:

3.2 ≤ MR ≤ 4 not classified as dangerous
2.6 < MR < 3.2 classified as irritating for eyes and skin;
1.6 ≤ MR ≤ 2.6 classified as corrosive for eyes but not for metals.

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