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Ingessil srl

INGESSIL is a chemical industry, based in Verona, producing sodium and potassium silicate since 1956. The company relies on its own transport service, R&D laboratory and experienced technicians, guaranteeing any commercial type of alkaline product, assistance in any application sector and support to innovations.



Born in the ‘30s from an idea of Rino Pizzini, the company was initially dealing with mineral extraction and processing, when it started a new challenge with the production of sodium silicate, developing from a craft company into a chemical industry. Under the innovative burst of the owning family, in 1967 the production capacity was doubled and the plant was renewed and automatized. In 1979 the generational change to the sons: Antonio, Enzo and Gabriele took place and the industry was named INGESSIL srl. Simultaneously the mining activity was abandoned in favor of the Silicate industry. In 1987 the consociated Acosil srl was founded, equipped with modern plants for the formulation of specialties based on alkaline silicates.

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The industry extends over more than 10.000 sq. with a production capacity of over 100.000 t/year, equipped with close circuit and largely automatized. Thanks to modern reaction, purification and concentration plants, it guarantees a production capacity of over 100.000 t/year and a total stocking capacity of 5.000 tons. The environmental impact is minimized thanks to a water recycling system and smart reduction strategies against energy waste. The autonomy in production is ensured by the plant know-how and a constant maintenance service through our inside mechanical workshop and our pledge to quality and research. Two chemical labs guarantee the product quality and research commitment supporting customers and University. INGESSIL assures the product quality and efficiency in logistics thanks to its own transport service, equipped with tanks trucks of 30 and 15 tons.



We are specialized in the production of sodium and potassium silicate in water solution, named waterglass, alkaline silicates or soluble silicates: we can produce any type of stable water solution of safe handling at different pureness degrees, from the most common decanted product up to the most limpid filtered and pure solution. Thanks to our know-how, research and development, we can offer, besides the classic water solutions of pure silicates, any concoctions with additives modifying their performance to meet any customer’s demands. The company is strongly oriented towards innovation and our labs and technicians are at your disposal to work together and face any new industrial challenge.


We produce any type of liquid sodium and potassium silicate, generally called waterglass, wasserglas, alkaline silicate or soluble silicate. Here you can find the links to our main productions, both pure solutions and concoctions, and the available technical documentation.

What is sodium silicate?

“sodium silicate” indicates different types of sodium salts with various degrees of polymerization. They are produced through silica, to be found in nature in sands, with alkaline like sodium bicarbonate. They are soluble in water, inorganic and useful in different applications thanks to the binding, fireproof, insulating and pH buffer action.

Is Sodium Silicate in solution dangerous for man and environment?

Sodium silicates solutions are numerous, varying from those of lowest molar ratio and labeled like irritating or corrosive for skin and eyes up to the tetrasilicate not classified as dangerous. Sodium silicate is not explosive, combustible, it’s not an oxidizer and it doesn’t release toxic substances even in case of prolonged and intense heat exposure. The environmental dangerousness is limited to the alkaline content of the products, therefore after an adequate neutralization to pH < 9 they do not present effects for the biological and aquatic ecosystems. Sodium silicate has been well known for centuries and in literature no case of death connected to its use has been reported; remind that all the commercial types available are alkaline liquids, therefore it’s recommended to avoid eye and skin contact, in case rinse immediately with moderately warm water. In case of eye contact it is recommended to rinse thoroughly with moderately warm water before applying any solution of eyewash. Being a basic product, inhalation of aerosol like the ingestion of the product must be avoided.

How much do sodium silicate solutions cost?

Sodium silicate solutions are commodities with high production volumes and therefore, prices are particularly low, sometimes almost near production cost. Given the low price, versatility, efficiency and safety in handling those products, it’s easy to understand why they find application in the most diversified sectors during periods of steady growing economy rather than recession or crises. Please, contact our commercial department
to obtain indications about quotation, delivery terms, packaging, stocking or product management.

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