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With over 60 year experience, INGESSIL represents in Italy the industry with the highest productive volume and longest activity in the production of soluble silicates, both sodium and potassium. Defined also as soluble glass or waterglass, this category of basic chemicals is one of the most widely used in modern industry and it stands out for its versatility and safety in handling.
INGESSIL offers standard products for different applications and places its laboratories and specialized technicians at disposal for the definition of any special typology, meeting any Customer specific need.

Sodium silicate

We produce any type of liquid sodium and potassium silicate, guaranteeing with prompt delivery many different standards, listed in this section, and customizing any specific request.


For any application, we offer specific mixtures and specific concoctions. Our labs are available for the study of suitable products for any need or new application.

History of sodium silicate

The history of soluble silicate, from ancient time until today, through medieval alchemy and the first systematic studies carried out in 1800 by Prof. Von Fuchs.

Production process of sodium silicate

Closer examination of the two processes applied for the production of soluble silicates: through furnace to obtain silicate in glass or through reactors for the hydrothermal dissolution of sands.

Sodium silicate features

Alkaline silicates are characterized by high versatility, safe handling and stability in time. In this section, you can find the main features and performance in the different applications.

Applications of sodium silicate

Here the main actions of sodium silicate, as used today in the different industrial processes and in products of daily use.

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