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Technical Bullettin

Soluble silicates are useful in a multepicity of appplications; in order to support the operators, INGESSIL created a list of specific technical bulletins.

If interested in them, please contact us directly for further information or to obtain the documents that cannot be downloaded directly from this page.

List of technical bulletins available so far:

1 : General characteristics of sodium silicate;

2 : Soil consolidation using Tectosil;

3 : Silver N, setting accelerane for shotcrete;

4 : Adhesive properties of sodium silicate in solution;

5 : Toxic-harmful sludge inerting agent;

6 : Use of sodium silicate in water purification;

7 : Sodium silicate in the paper industry;

8 : Anticorrosive treatment of metal surfaces;

9 : Sodium silicate in agriculture;

10: Sodium silicate and acid accelerators in comparison in shotcrete

11: Extraction and treatment of mineral oil;

12: Surface impregnation of cement;

13: Restoration of works of art and protection of marble monuments

14: Minerals Flotation

15: Agglomerating action of sodium silicates


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